Missouri, United States


Tree: Petranek-Mercer
Latitude: 38.2502800, Longitude: -92.5002800


Matches 1 to 47 of 47

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ona  1897Missouri, United States I1233
2 Sallie  1896Missouri, United States I1238
3 Ackley Arlie Virgil  27 Jul 1899Missouri, United States I355
4 Ackley Elbert Paul  7 Feb 1923Missouri, United States I1198
5 Ackley Martin Samuel  2 Mar 1895Missouri, United States I2746
6 Ackley Orvin Ray  12 Oct 1885Missouri, United States I1183
7 Ackley Phyllis Jenett  Abt 1918Missouri, United States I2768
8 Antrim Lula  Jul 1898Missouri, United States I4361
9 Antrim Warren  Apr 1884Missouri, United States I4364
10 Birk Carl P.  Abt 1909Missouri, United States I725
11 Birk Catharina Clara Mathilda  1887Missouri, United States I782
12 Birk Emma Louise Amelia  1874Missouri, United States I778
13 Birk Florence Marie  1890Missouri, United States I783
14 Birk Frederick Carl  1879Missouri, United States I723
15 Birk Rosena Elizabeth  1878Missouri, United States I779
16 Birk William Earl "Bud"  1892Missouri, United States I784
17 Calhoon Edna Joyce  18 May 1903Missouri, United States I2714
18 Calhoon Lenora Bonnie  25 Feb 1919Missouri, United States I4603
19 Calhoun Janice Maxine  27 Mar 1927Missouri, United States I4662
20 Campbell Adda  1871Missouri, United States I1206
21 Campbell Archibald M.  Oct 1872Missouri, United States I1207
22 Campbell Emma  1879Missouri, United States I1211
23 Campbell Etta May  1874Missouri, United States I1208
24 Combs Stella Ardath  9 Feb 1903Missouri, United States I4706
25 Conkle Eva May  19 Dec 1879Missouri, United States I4245
26 Georgia Leonia or  Dec 1870Missouri, United States I1213
27 Hanna Roy C.  Abt 1876Missouri, United States I946
28 House Bessie  Jan 1886Missouri, United States I1228
29 House Edna  Jun 1899Missouri, United States I1225
30 House Elmer  Dec 1887Missouri, United States I1229
31 House Faye  1915Missouri, United States I1237
32 House Grace  1909Missouri, United States I1236
33 House Homer  Jun 1893Missouri, United States I1231
34 House Lester  Apr 1895Missouri, United States I1232
35 House Luther  Jun 1884Missouri, United States I1227
36 House Sanford W.  Jul 1891Missouri, United States I1230
37 House Walter C.  18 Jan 1874Missouri, United States I329
38 J. Dena  1887Missouri, United States I1235
39 Johnson Mary E.  Abt 1862Missouri, United States I726
40 Johnson Mary E.  Abt 1888Missouri, United States I724
41 Knight Norman Wallace  9 Apr 1911Missouri, United States I4611
42 McClain George Washington  25 Oct 1906Missouri, United States I4726
43 Porter Katie O.  Abt 1895Missouri, United States I4687
44 Sims Allen  1869Missouri, United States I1261
45 Sims John  1865Missouri, United States I1259
46 Sims Lucinda  Jan 1860Missouri, United States I333
47 Sims Nancy  1866Missouri, United States I1260


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Birk Oscar August  Jun 1970Missouri, United States I159
2 Campbell Graham Laing  1986Missouri, United States I3722
3 Combs Orral M.  11 Aug 1991Missouri, United States I4709
4 McKisson Wilbert Lester  24 Jan 1891Missouri, United States I1337
5 Richardson Emma  1965Missouri, United States I4649
6 Slaten or Staten Julia  Aug 1880Missouri, United States I328
7 Wright Edgar Hamilton  1945Missouri, United States I894


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Birk / Johnson  Missouri, United States F244
2 Campbell / Georgia  Abt 1892Missouri, United States F397
3 House /   Missouri, United States F402
4 House / Freeland  4 Oct 1934Missouri, United States F133
5 House / J.  Missouri, United States F403
6 Mercer / Richmond  16 Feb 1910Missouri, United States F48
7 Morgan / McKisson  17 Feb 1870Missouri, United States F439
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