Ohio, United States


Tree: Petranek-Mercer
Latitude: 40.2502800, Longitude: -83.0002800


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Lucretia  Abt 1870Ohio, United States I3534
2 Mabel L  Feb 1861Ohio, United States I3716
3 Mary  Abt 1818Ohio, United States I3638
4 Mary A  1802Ohio, United States I3391
5 Rachel  Abt 1806Ohio, United States I3542
6 Susan  Abt 1854Ohio, United States I3615
7 Susan M.  Abt 1863Ohio, United States I885
8 Ackley Clara  Abt 1838Ohio, United States I1187
9 Ackley Irene  Abt 1842Ohio, United States I1189
10 Ackley Jennie  Abt 1857Ohio, United States I1192
11 Ackley Lawrence  Abt 1848Ohio, United States I1190
12 Ackley Louis G.  May 1840Ohio, United States I1188
13 Adams Elizabeth  Ohio, United States I1320
14 Adams Lydia Wing  Abt 1826Ohio, United States I493
15 Bailey Forest  16 Jul 1903Ohio, United States I3706
16 Baker Michael  25 Nov 1838Ohio, United States I4261
17 Bates Elizabeth  Abt 1832Ohio, United States I3619
18 Bates John S.  Abt 1835Ohio, United States I3620
19 Bates Robert A.  Abt 1848Ohio, United States I3623
20 Bates Thomas M.  Abt 1843Ohio, United States I3622
21 Bates William  Abt 1839Ohio, United States I3621
22 Bell Herbert J.  1854Ohio, United States I1042
23 Bond Eliza  Abt 1827Ohio, United States I3596
24 Bond Esther  Abt 1839Ohio, United States I3598
25 Bond William  Abt 1825Ohio, United States I3597
26 Broomhall Elizabeth  1864Ohio, United States I3632
27 Broomhall James E  1867Ohio, United States I3687
28 Broomhall Minnie A  1872Ohio, United States I3690
29 Broomhall William L  1864Ohio, United States I3688
30 Carpenter Attie Elva  Abt 1857Ohio, United States I1115
31 Carpenter Ella V  Abt 1856Ohio, United States I3528
32 Carpenter Ida  Abt 1869Ohio, United States I3533
33 Carpenter Jonathan  Abt 1829Ohio, United States I3526
34 Carpenter Jonathan L  Abt 1861Ohio, United States I3529
35 Carpenter Martha A.  Abt 1867Ohio, United States I3532
36 Carpenter Ora A  Abt 1865Ohio, United States I3530
37 Carpenter William  Abt 1863Ohio, United States I3531
38 Clark Chalmers  1842Ohio, United States I1889
39 Clark Robert Morrison  24 Oct 1840Ohio, United States I515
40 Clifford John W  Ohio, United States I4373
41 Craddock Robert B.  Abt 1907Ohio, United States I948
42 Dowdell Adelaide H.  Abt 1875Ohio, United States I1939
43 Eldridge Finette Adeline  Abt 1842Ohio, United States I1592
44 Ely Nancy  Oct 1818Ohio, United States I1186
45 Field Caroline A  Abt 1849Ohio, United States I3641
46 Field Casender  Abt 1844Ohio, United States I3639
47 Field Christina  Abt 1846Ohio, United States I3644
48 Field Isaiah S  Abt 1853Ohio, United States I3642
49 Field Sarah E  Abt 1846Ohio, United States I3640
50 Field William B  Abt 1856Ohio, United States I3643

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bell David  1846Ohio, United States I4212
2 Clark Robert Morrison  10 Jan 1874Ohio, United States I515
3 Gregg Mary Elizabeth  18 Jan 1973Ohio, United States I3923
4 Gregg William T.  19 May 1960Ohio, United States I3924
5 Lumbert Frank H.  4 Oct 1961Ohio, United States I3925
6 Lumbert John Francis  1 Jul 1958Ohio, United States I3926
7 Mc Whinney Margaret Ann  Bef 1859Ohio, United States I1050
8 McCullough Williams Elizabeth  4 Sep 1855Ohio, United States I1046
9 McKisson Daniel  1932Ohio, United States I1891
10 McKisson James  19 Aug 1866Ohio, United States I1576


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Adopted    Person ID 
1 McKisson Ralph Bartlett  Ohio, United States I1935


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Ewers Rebecca  1818Ohio, United States I466


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Broomhall /   Abt 1910Ohio, United States F1181
2 Broomhall / Strahl  1887Ohio, United States F1254
3 Clark / Samples  1 Jan 1807Ohio, United States F617
4 Clark / Spaulding  1 Apr 1891Ohio, United States F646
5 Field /   Abt 1845Ohio, United States F1216
6 Glover / Brown  26 Mar 1822Ohio, United States F1202
7 Glover / McNiece  22 Jun 1869Ohio, United States F1201
8 Glover / Warren  1854Ohio, United States F674
9 Glover / Wilkinson  15 Sep 1822Ohio, United States F1200
10 Gregg / Wright  30 May 1821Ohio, United States F333
11 Hazlett / Hazlett  Ohio, United States F677
12 McKisson /   1895Ohio, United States F1237
13 McKisson / Havens  13 Mar 1839Ohio, United States F537
14 McKisson / Kittlewell  1866Ohio, United States F654
15 Mercer / Mallonee  12 May 1880Ohio, United States F656
16 Miller / McKisson  Est 1888Ohio, United States F657
17 Murphy / Miller  Abt 1895Ohio, United States F1238
18 Pringle / Clark  Ohio, United States F663


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 McKisson / Miller  Ohio, United States F1236
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